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DVU37 - Output 439.4625 MHz - Input 430.4625 MHz.

GB7JB is funded solely by donations from its' users and supporters. There is no club or group to join and no annual membership fee. We rely totally on your good will.

The system is located in South Wiltshire, in IO81vc, co-sited with GB3JB, and provides coverage across South Wiltshire, South Somerset and North Dorset.

GB7JB is a 70 cm Digital voice repeater, based on DMR TDMA Mototrbo technology.
It provides TWO simultaneous channels. One is for local chatting, whilst the other is connected to the Regional Cluster / Network.

Monday, 20 January 2014

GB7JB - Gets' it's NoV.

Hi All,

As you are all aware, on the 14th November I applied for an NoV to establish a 70cm DMR Digital Voice repeater, to be located at Willoughby Hedge, along side GB3JB.

On the 9th December ETCC, approved the application and passed it to Ofcom, with the recommendation to issue an NoV.

I can report that the NoV has been granted, in what as far as I'm concerned, must be a record time for a 70cm repeater.

In fact all three applications, for GB7BS, GB7SD and GB7JB, have been granted and cleared to go, today, 20th January 2014.

This very quick clearance does give us a slight problem in that all three applicants had been expecting the more normal inordinate amount of time to elapse, while MoD etc., considered the applications.

We will be co-ordinating our approaches to getting the repeaters operational, and the networking established.

I will provide more info regarding GB7JB, and the other systems, as and when available.

Cheers & 73's
Dave, G3ZXX.